An industry facing major disruption

Severe disruption from the global pandemic resulted in supplier shut-downs, constantly evolving race calendars and significant reduction in personnel at manufacturers and teams.

Delays lead to increased costs

Time-critical deliveries are being delayed, there’s customer loss and high business costs.


A consultative approach to ride out the most disruptive year in history

The motorsport industry has never seen a year like 2020. With teams, organisers and suppliers forced to furlough huge numbers of staff without any idea of when they might be able to return, Evolution Time Critical stepped in with a consultative approach. We have been working with teams and manufacturers to manage end-to-end time critical logistics, freeing up remaining staff to focus on getting cars ready for competition.

2020 was one of the most challenging years for the motorsport industry, with double and triple header events, complications at borders, supplier shutdowns, new screening protocols and disruption in our own lives and businesses.

Everyone in the logistics world can be very proud of the work we have done to keep ‘the show on the road’ with a 17-race Formula 1 season, a full WEC and ELMS calendar, and a resourceful solution for Formula E.

The biggest changes we faced:

  • A major change we have found (compared to nine months ago) is that manufacturers, teams and suppliers are operating on an increasingly lean staff.
  • This means they are reaching out to consultants to fill in the gaps at critical times.
  • Time-critical deliveries, by their very nature, can take up a huge number of man hours to manage.
  • Instead of a team manager or a project manager wasting their morning chasing a conventional delivery firm, they are instead turning to specialists like Evolution Time Critical to handle it, while they focus on keeping other high-priority plates spinning.

Technology in motorsport is changing

Alongside this change in operational capacity and schedule volatility, we are seeing a fundamental shift in the technology used within motorsport.

With the introduction of Formula E six years ago, for the first time the motorsport world had to deal with the challenge of moving large volume/large scale batteries – something that Evolution Time Critical has been doing with the automotive industry since our inception.

With the arrival of Extreme E, electric rallycross and a host of other electric and hybrid-powered championships, we are finding businesses relying more on our expertise to manage this extra level of complexity to transport these goods safely, and with the correct authorisation.

Technology in motorsport is changing

Time critical deliveries

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Embracing specialists to adapt to the new normal

Motorsport has always been an industry that has prided itself on its resourcefulness, flexibility and ability to adapt to meet any scenario. 2020 has been the year that has stretched this approach to the limit, and the embracing of specialists has been a key element in enabling the show to go on.
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