Aircraft Charter
When time is against you and you need to move goods as fast as humanly possible, or if scheduled airfreight cannot meet the capacity or flexibility you require, you may need an air charter as the ultimate solution.

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On-Board Courier
When you need speed and white glove treatment, Evolution’s On-Board Courier service ensures that the highest levels of personal attention are given from the first phone call though to ultimate delivery.

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Sometimes your requirement is so urgent that minutes mean everything, or maybe the road infrastructure is so congested that an advance delivery is needed to bridge supply until the main shipment arrives by truck.

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Air Freight
When you need to balance fast delivery with budget, Evolution’s air freight service ensures that you get the right airline product along with the highest levels of personal attention from the first phone call to ultimate delivery.

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Road Freight
Offering flexible solutions enabled by our global network of dedicated vehicles of all sizes, we ensure competitive rates and an exceptional service.

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Sea Freight
We provide a comprehensive range of options for your ocean freight cargo. Our FCL and LCL services are delivered to provide the best routing, service and rates for your cargo.

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Hazardous Materials

Treated with extreme care

Dangerous goods are items which present a hazard to human health and safety and must be treated with extreme care. Evolution is able to construct transport solutions for Dangerous Goods to reliably meet even the tightest of deadlines.

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Drawing on our knowledge of import and export regulations and compliance requirements, Evolution’s Dangerous Goods shipping service ensures the safe handling and on-time delivery of this complex cargo.


Proud to be trusted by many world-leading manufacturers.


Our services save millions of dollars every year in averting supply chain disruption.


Successfully solving complex supply chain challenges for over two decades.

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Our specialist staff apply Dangerous Goods training and experience to ensure safe and efficient transit of hazardous material.

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Dangerous Goods Logistics FAQs

Dangerous goods shipping involves the movement of items with hazardous properties which, if not properly handled, present a hazard to human health and safety.

The following is for information purposes only. Contact Evolution Time Critical for specific guidance on shipping dangerous goods.

UN Class

Dangerous Goods





1.1 – 1.6





Flammable gas


Non-flammable, non-toxic gas


Toxic gas


Flammable liquid

Flammable liquid


Flammable solids


Flammable solid


Spontaneously combustible substance


Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas


Oxidising substances


Oxidising substance


Organic peroxide


Toxic substances


Toxic substance


Infectious substance


Radioactive material

Radioactive material


Corrosive substances

Corrosive substance


Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Miscellaneous dangerous goods


Dangerous Goods are defined by chemical definitions and classification criteria  in the Transport Regulations. Special care or Regulated items will depend on the context and definition of the words



Dangerous Goods Hazard Class Labels are again defined in the Modal Transport Regulations and recognised internationally There are 9 classes and subdivisions which each have distinctive Hazard Labels

Yes as long as the chemicals do not react dangerously within the package. ADR the road regulations have unique mixed packaging restrictions. IMDG sea regulations has segregation requirements IATA/ICAO has general restrictions

By surface you have package. large package and tank options by air there are different package quantity restrictions dependent on Passenger/Cargo or Cargo only. IBC,s are now allowed for some substances. Generally there is no limit on the overall quantity just individual package/tank restrictions

Each set of dangerous goods regulations has different restrictions

Yes in compliance with IATA/ICAO

Yes in compliance with IMDG

Yes domestically in Compliance with CDG-TPER UK transport regulations and internationally ADR

No but you MUST undertake training that covers 1 General Awareness 2 Function Specific 3 Safety  Airfreight training specifically emphasises that any training must ensure that the trainee can demonstrate “competency” which is the same as but not specifically defined as  “Function Specific”

There is no specific formulae, get in contact for a bespoke quote.

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