Aircraft Charter
When time is against you and you need to move goods as fast as humanly possible, or if scheduled airfreight cannot meet the capacity or flexibility you require, you may need an air charter as the ultimate solution.

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On-Board Courier
When you need speed and white glove treatment, Evolution’s On-Board Courier service ensures that the highest levels of personal attention are given from the first phone call though to ultimate delivery.

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Sometimes your requirement is so urgent that minutes mean everything, or maybe the road infrastructure is so congested that an advance delivery is needed to bridge supply until the main shipment arrives by truck.

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Air Freight
When you need to balance fast delivery with budget, Evolution’s air freight service ensures that you get the right airline product along with the highest levels of personal attention from the first phone call to ultimate delivery.

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Road Freight
Offering flexible solutions enabled by our global network of dedicated vehicles of all sizes, we ensure competitive rates and an exceptional service.

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Sea Freight
We provide a comprehensive range of options for your ocean freight cargo. Our FCL and LCL services are delivered to provide the best routing, service and rates for your cargo.

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Air Freight service

Balance fast delivery with budget

When you need to balance fast delivery with budget, Evolution’s air freight service ensures that you get the right airline product along with the highest levels of personal attention from the first phone call to ultimate delivery. Depending on urgency there are a number of air freight options including Next Flight Out, Night Freighter and Scheduled Flights.

  • Comprehensive scheduled airfreight solutions
  • Immediate instigation of plan
  • Personal attention from door to door
  • 24/7 control via global operations centre
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Air freight solutions

Why Evolution?

Delivering an effective air freight solution that protects your supply chain requires key resources, knowledge, and experience.


Proud to be trusted by many world-leading manufacturers.


Our services save millions of dollars every year in averting supply chain disruption.


Successfully solving complex supply chain challenges for over two decades.

Air freight solutions

An unrivalled understanding

We have an unrivalled understanding of the air cargo industry with an intimate knowledge of airline routings and schedules and deep integration with selected carriers.

When building airfreight solutions, we take into account the robustness of the routing i.e. whether direct flights or transhipment and factor in congestion levels for departure and arrival airports and surrounding road network.

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Air freight FAQs

Chartering a dedicated private plane (or helicopter) to transport your time-critical goods is the best logistics solution for urgent, just-in-time consignments where delays are not an option.

Air freight forwarding is the transportation of goods via scheduled flights on commercial or passenger airlines. Air freight logistic services, range from next-flight-out freight (NFO), through to consolidated services which are best for less-urgent deliveries.

There are restrictions on the shipping of dangerous goods, which must be properly packed, marked and labeled. By providing the UN number, class number and packing instructions of your consignment, Evolution Time Critical can advise whether air shipping is possible, so get in touch.

Dangerous goods include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lithium/alkaline batteries
  • Biohazards & biochemical products, including medical waste
  • Aerosols & compressed gasses
  • Flammable products, such as paint or alcohol
  • Magnets & magnetic substances
  • Explosives (fireworks)

Further information on the transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods can be found here.

Evolution Time Critical will review a range of aircraft sizes across international airlines in order to accommodate your consignment. The only restrictions would arise from ULD (unit load device) sizes or cargo-door dimensions, however if you contact us with your specific consignment size we can identify the best delivery mode for you.

Evolution Time Critical can also organise the repackaging of consignments in order to meet air freight size and/or weight restrictions.

Evolution Time Critical can organise any specialist loading equipment required for your consignment. Our bespoke service means that we can adapt to your needs.

Check out a successful consignment we completed where we expedited 300 tonnes of injection tooling from China to Europe.

Airfreight shipping costs are based on the cost per kilogram plus ancillary handling and collection / delivery charges.  There is a formaule to convert actual shipment weight to volumetric weight for light/bulky shipments.  This is formulae is (length/cm x width/cm x height/cm)/6000 = 1kg.     

Evolution Time Critical select the best airline and airfreight product to meet your needs.  Airlines have diffing products from premium / must fly to deferred services.  The more premium a product, the more likely it is to fly as booked, but this comes with a higher rate.   

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