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A defined culture programme

The culture we create, and the working environment of our team is of central importance to us.

Having a defined culture programme allows us to keep it at the centre of our team’s approach and deliver an outstanding customer experience. The four pillars of our culture programme are below.

Trusted by the world’s most demanding industries.

Proven to meet the most demanding schedules.

Experienced in delivering critical international project solutions.

Customer Focussed

Our customer obsession

Our customer comes first in every aspect of our business, and customer service is our driving force. We anticipate, react, and focus everything we do on the needs of our customers. We approach our customers’ challenges with tenacity and a sense of urgency.

A Can Do Attitude

Our team

We foster a culture of teamwork, where every team member shares the passion for creating successful solutions and derives personal satisfaction from successfully meeting every customer deadline. We promote a ‘can do’ attitude across all aspects of our organisation and encourage everyone we work with to do the same.

A Trusted Partner

Our company

We have built a powerful reputation for delivering the highest levels of service and being a trusted partner for customers and suppliers alike.  We continuously develop the very best human and technological resources to protect and enhance this reputation.


Our world

The future depends on the sustainable work we do today, at Evolution we aim to work in the least wasteful manner possible and all our business is conducted to strict ethical standards. We support the communities in which we are present and encourage team members who undertake charitable initiatives.