Expertise and technology-led expansion strengthens Evolution Time Critical’s automotive industry safety net


Emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical has expanded its physical and technology-led infrastructure following an increase in demand for premium logistics provision from the automotive industry. Following a 19% yearly revenue increase, the company has implemented a new transport management system, EDMS, to help enhance its provision of time-sensitive contingency. Evolution Time Critical has also carried out a rigorous recruitment process to prepare for the next phase of industry growth, and rolled out an updated, easy-to-navigate website that offers industry news and insight.

“Fast reaction is key to avoiding supply chain failure, and any head start that can be provided could prove to be crucial; when emergency logistics response is required by OEMs and their suppliers, minutes can save millions,” says Evolution Time Critical managing director, Brad Brennan. “Our new Evolution Delivery Management System (EDMS) has been developed to our own bespoke specification. It provides our team of experts with the details and information required to be placed at the centre of quickly-unfolding and often complex logistics operations, enabling time-sensitive adaptation of contingency plans and utilisation of the most efficient route to issue resolution.”

The new EDMS provides the Evolution Time Critical response team with an enhanced ability to track and report on shipment progress and identify real-time supplier availability, meaning that an optimised solution can be planned and initiated faster and more efficiently than ever before. It also provides access to a closed supplier database, which provides Evolution Time Critical with enhanced access and analysis capability to give specialist operators tighter control over projects.

“Over the last 12 to 18 months we have seen the automotive industry better understand the benefits that can be brought by emergency logistics provision as a strategic tool for enabling higher-risk strategies, and as a way of protecting against supply chain fracture,” continues Brennan. “This focus has combined with a number of factors that have led to an increased demand for our unique blend of emergency logistics expertise, such as: heavy-impact logistical disturbance such as the delays caused by drawn-out Calais disturbances; time contraction in automotive production, caused by more launches in a shorter space of time than ever before, placing increased pressure on suppliers to work within smaller production windows; and a demand for heightened component quality.

“The introduction of the new EDMS system, aligned with our new website updates and employee expansion, ensures we are ideally positioned to meet the automotive industry’s next generation supply chain concerns in 2016 and beyond,” he concludes.

The new look, easy-to-navigate website, which was launched earlier this year, provides access to Evolution Time Critical Control Centres, which are manned 24/7 by teams of experts that provide 15 minute response times and the formulation of robust supply chain contingency plans. Additionally, industry news and articles provide a window into the workings of the automotive supply chain, and the ability to sign up to a quarterly newsletter, Time Critical Update.

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