Premium logistics specialist opens China control centre


Evolution Time Critical, the worldwide premium logistics specialist, has launched an all-new logistics control centre in Shenzhen China. The expansion comes in response to growing demand from within the region itself and from international customers with key elements of their supply chain located in China.

As the origin of many supply routes, particularly to the USA and Europe, the movement of goods out of China is critical to a host of manufacturers. These supply chains are often disrupted, sometimes significantly, due to extensive bureaucracy, demand surges and the general unpredictability of the region. When the need for urgent transport solutions arises, these problems become far more acute and threatening, necessitating a presence ‘on the ground’ for a swift resolution.

While many logistics providers are active in China, few are well-integrated with the local market and even fewer are capable of the rapid response required by Evolution’s clients. Evolution has approached the challenges posed by China differently, combining local skills and knowledge with the company’s vast expertise and over 20 years of experience in providing ultra-fast logistics operations.

As a global hub of manufacturing, China produces vast quantities of goods for just about every market and sector. This means that surge periods like Christmas, Chinese New Year and Black Friday can create supply chain issues and logistics chaos. While Evolution has experience in navigating these challenging periods in China, the establishment of a local presence will further improve its responsiveness and breadth of possible solutions.

Graham Little, managing director at Evolution Time Critical, commented: “Our new global control centre in China has delivered a step-change in Evolution’s capability. As one of the world’s most important trading nations, China has vast supply links with many of our customers across the globe. Having seen first-hand the difficulty of rapidly evolving supply challenges in the region, we needed to develop a local presence.

“Linked with the rest of our global network, this new office will be able to quickly deliver precise logistics solutions for our customers from automotive to aerospace. We very much look forward to working with our local partners and customers over the coming years and growing our capabilities in the region.”

The Chinese office links with Evolution’s existing control centres in the UK, USA, Germany, Portugal and Slovakia. With an expanding global network and dedicated regional specialists, ETC is solidifying its position as one of the world’s most versatile and connected emergency logistics providers.

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