Statistics suggest that premium logistics a vital tool for continued UK automotive market growth


Recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) demonstrate the synergy between a growing UK automotive industry and the requirement for premium logistics provision. UK vehicle production for the domestic market is up 19% to date in 2015, compared to the 18% sales growth experienced by emergency logistics provider Evolution Time Critical in the last financial year.

“The results demonstrate that premium logistics is a key resource for vehicle manufacturers to safeguard production and enable sustained business growth; forecasts see the UK producing an all-time-high of more than two-million cars per year in 2017, and the requirement for such expertise will expand at a comparable rate,” says Evolution Time Critical managing director, Brad Brennan. “The growth at Evolution Time Critical has been consistent over the last three years, which mirrors investment in UK production during this time. It demonstrates that the market can bring success to logistics providers who understand and are able adapt to an evolving industry, providing a multi-faceted service that can not only bridge supply chain gaps when things go wrong, but help protect, optimise and streamline operations.”

Working with a dedicated emergency logistics provider allows vehicle manufacturers to squeeze production strategies knowing that a safeguard is in place, so while higher risk strategies can be adopted the fear of supply chain failure is reduced. “It can be a mutually beneficial partnership,” explains Brennan. “Working closely with vehicle manufacturers and their tier suppliers allows us visibility of and access to the engine room of the automotive industry – understanding our customers’ business enables Evolution to offer the next generation of supply chain contingency, often before OEMs are even aware it’s required.”

As the synergies between premium logistics provider and vehicle manufacturer evolve, traditional emergency expertise is factored in to initial logistics planning. Vehicle launches are contracting in frequency, model range and trim options become ever-more diverse and a global production footprint places increased strain on vehicle manufacturers seeking to optimise production without jeopardising previously robust supply chain links.

“Such potentially turbulent supply chain factors heighten the need for the contingency provided by working with a dependable premium logistics partner,” concludes Brennan. “The UK automotive market has experienced over three years of continuous growth and in the next five years another 100,000 new automotive jobs are expected to be generated: in such booming times, emergency logistics expertise continues to grow in to the role of higher risk strategy enabler, from the traditional role of supply chain saviour.”


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