Strikes and Supply Chains: What’s been happening in Europe?

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2024 has been fraught with challenges for logistics networks. Farmer strikes in Europe and strike action with Lufthansa have underscored just how fragile they can be. Here’s an overview of what has happened.

Farmer strikes in Europe impact local infrastructures across the EU

Crucial highways and roads were blocked across Europe as farmers expressed their discontent with domestic regulations and the increasing competition from overseas. With minimal response from authorities, the protests later expanded to target major ports such as Zeebrugge in Belgium.

This led to immediate impacts on imports and exports within the European Union, raising concerns among manufacturers and suppliers about the resolution of the situation.

Lufthansa strikes in Germany, is a resolution near?

Meanwhile, in Germany, Lufthansa ground staff held numerous strikes from January to March. While this primarily affected passenger aircraft, local cargo operations were also disrupted due to delays in baggage handling and logistics activities.

Consequently, manufacturers and suppliers heavily reliant on air transport for their goods and components experienced an increased demand for time-sensitive solutions to ensure the continuity of their production facilities.

An alternative solution for supply chain planners

If you have any concerns about how the strikes across Europe could impact your supply chain, please reach out to our team at Our team’s specialist knowledge in time-sensitive operations can provide you with the contingency plan you may need to protect your supply chain.

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