Widespread European strikes and severe flooding pose mounting threat to automotive supply chain


Evolution Time Critical, a Europe-based automotive emergency logistics specialist, is supplying major vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with essential supply chain updates as a series of potentially turbulent factors impact European logistics. Oil refinery strikes are hitting fuel supplies, SNCF strikes have impacted 40% of high speed TGV trains, air traffic controllers have begun strikes resulting in flight cancellations, pilots have announced plans to strike and areas of France and Germany, in particular, are experiencing severe flooding. Evolution Time Critical’s close monitoring of air and road networks allows for the development of optimised contingency plans for affected customers, helping to avoid disturbance to their European automotive supply chain operations. 

“We are responding to demand to provide a number of major vehicle manufacturers with regular European logistics updates – by keeping customers up to date we can work together to accurately forecast potential delays and proactively implement contingency, if required,” explains Evolution Time Critical managing director, Brad Brennan. “The combined factors currently experienced in areas of Europe have the potential to force widespread delays to logistics routes and, without contingency, cause vehicle production delays. By preparing for the worst case scenario we can help the automotive industry avoid costly supply chain fracture and respond in the most effective manner.”

One in five fuel stations in France are currently thought to be short of fuel, with long queues elsewhere, while a series of strikes is already causing air disruption: air traffic controller strikes commencing June 2nd have already resulted in the cancellation of 75 flights. Evolution Time Critical is monitoring all freight routes, including road infrastructure, Eurotunnel and ferry crossings, and is working closely with its network of carriers to provide accurate time-sensitive feedback and advice to manufacturers and suppliers.

“In the last two years in particular we have seen the automotive industry embrace the importance of robustness in its supply chain, which is of vital importance during tempestuous periods, as manufacturers and OEMs are now prepared to look at developing resolutions before it is too late,” says Brennan. “By combining the resources and emergency logistics expertise available to Evolution Time Critical with the industry’s willingness to protect its supply chain operations, we are able to provide a resilient safeguard against logistical failure and production delays. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, analyse the ramifications to help minimise any fallout and carry on advising our vehicle manufacturer customers.”  

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